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Estivals Country Beauty Retreat
Cleeton St Mary, Shropshire
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High-tech facials
for stressed male skins.

Men's Grooming

These treatments are specifically designed for men, however, most of the treatments we offer are suitable for both men and women.

Estivals Men's Facial

30 mins £ 30

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Estivals Full Facial

60 mins £ 45

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Head, neck and scalp massage

30 mins £ 27

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Executive manicure

45 mins £ 25

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Executive pedicure

60 mins £ 30

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Chest wax

30 mins from £ 20

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Back wax

30 mins from £ 20

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Eyebrow wax

20 mins £ 10

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Thalgo Men’s Ocean Facial

This high-tech facial for stressed male skin combines energising marine active ingredients with relaxing massage movements to diffuse them directly to the heart of the skin. Relaxed and recharged, your skin regains all its energy and balance and signs of tiredness are erased.

30 mins £ 35 Make a Booking

60 mins £ 45 Make a Booking



Luxury Body Treatment

Discover the incredible benefits of Estivals luxury body scrub using fine granules consisting of Mocca and coffee oil. After your scrub your body will be encased in a rich body treatment using Shea Butter and Argan Oil . Whilst the luxury butter and oils are absorbing into your skin you will enjoy a head and scalp massage. This treatment will give your skin a much needed boost in nourishing and moisturizing your body.   

55 mins £ 45Make a Booking

Back and Shoulder Massage


Full Body Massage

30 mins £ 30Make a Booking

55 mins £ 45Make a Booking

Thalgo Rebalancing Back Treatment

Discover the incredible benefits of seaweed for problem skin. This back treatment combines natural marine algae, rich in re-mineralising ingredients to deep cleanse, detoxify and smooth the skin.

After a relaxing welcome massage, the skin is exfoliated with a red algae-based body scrub. Thalgo’s patented seaweed scrub is applied to the back, and once removed the back is spritzed with a refreshing seawater concentrate.

Finally, intense regulating serum is applied to regulate sebum production.

45 mins £ 39Make a Booking

Thalgo Sea & Senses Body (Marine Hot Stones)

For deep relaxation, try the Thalgo Sea & Senses body treatment with marine hot stones.

Warm volcanic basalt stones are applied to specific points on the body to relax and eliminate toxins, while cool marine stones are applied to re-mineralise the body.

During this ultra-sensorial experience incorporating a unique massage technique using the marine hot stones, tension quickly gives way to deep relaxation.

60 mins £ 50Make a Booking

Estivals Pamper Package for Men

Back and Shoulder Massage
Head and Scalp Massage
Estivals Purity Ritual Facial


90 mins £ 60Make a Booking